Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Today I didn't go to class. Yeah, I know, that isn't a wise decision when you only have 2 classes left to finish your major, but I was doing more important (?) things. There is this lab I am taking with Miguel, and we are such assholes that before getting to the deadline for the first part of the project, we are already working on the second one (we are pretty good suckers haha). So today I was working on the second part of the project, which involves using new programming languages, like JSP. JSP (JavaServer Pages) is a programming languages that produces dynamic web pages, where scriptlets are embedded in HTML code. It is the fanciest thing in town, but it works nice.

Besides that, today was a pretty boring day. I watch another episode of my new TV show, The L Word, a show about lesbians in Los Angeles. Interesting. Now I am heading to my English classes. I leave a video I took the other day with Fernando in El Corte Inglés (and "sus zapatos con correas").

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