Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Champions League

Last night we watched the second half of the games of the Champions League first knockout round. In Canal+ Deporte they do this "multifutbol" show where they show you 3 games at the same time, moving from one to another and getting the best of all the games. It was such a shame that Barcelona couldn't go ahead to the next round, and even though they won 0-1 their game in Anfield (Liverpool), they lost the round because of the score in Barcelona (1-2) and the double value of goals away in case of tiding.

But the worst of the night was to come. After the game between Valencia and Inter, a huge brawl started, and both teams starting fighting, which was a horrible example to anyone watching the game. One of the worst attitudes was the one showed by Javi Navarro, who ran from the bench and broke Burdisso's nose. Lets wait for the UEFA's verdict. Here is the fight as seen in the Italian TV.

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