Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cricket World Cup

It is funny knowing that the Cricket World Cup is going to start after reading the Official Google Blog. The 2007 edition of the ICC Cricket World Cup is taking place in the West Indies (note for Spanish-speaking people: Las West Indies son las Antillas, las islas del Mar Caribe) from the 13th of April to the 28th. And even though in many countries (like mine, Spain) cricket is better known as the most boring game in Earth, for all the former British Empire, cricket is a huge part of their lives. In this edition there will be 16 teams playing in 4 groups, and the best 2 will go to the final round. Lets hope that someone like... mm... ehhh... Kenia (?) wins the Championship!


Jordi said...

A mi me gusta!

Anonymous said...

It's really very disappointing and sad that we are thinking that it just Chappel and Darvid but I think it's the whole team responsibility and % can vary but every one is responsible. I think we have to do analysis. I think the major responsibility of the experienced people. It's good that India is not in super 8 because I think with this performance they can't win even a single match. Now Media is making hype that we have to change the Darvid. I think this is not the solution but we have to give rest to every senior player because we have to plan for future by making present tough. So we have to introduce new and young players in team India and make them strong rather then we look towards seniors.
I know Sachin is great player he did great for India but that time he got Great love and respect from India and world but now if he is not doing good then why we are keeping him just because of his last achievements.
Now we have to little strict and remove the politics from the games. I think we have to make at least 60% change in Team India. All seniors should be out and they can play for Domestic because from today we have to think for next world cup team. Why they are keeping Sehwag from long time. Its really worst part of team India that we choose players on the basis of Old (2-3 years.) performance not on the basis of present.
You can see the Sachin,Darvid, Saurabh, Sehwag perfomance not by that he is highest run getter in India but how fast they are falling in the world ranking.
Hands up to India selection Committee and BCCI. Who is doing this great job to make us shame.