Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Minesweeper Geek

I'm a minesweeper geek. I love this game! Lately I have been working in a new tactic for finishing the game: just clicking in the cells I think that dont have a mine, and if you hit all of them without clicking a mine the game is done. [The traditional way of playing is by checking the bomb cells too]. Well, today I was able to finish the expert grid for the first time using the new technique (and I did it for a second time today too), and I am very proud of myself haha. Here you have the screen shots. I put my best results here too, in case we have any other minesweeper geek around :P

First game solved without setting a single bomb-flag

Second time I did it! :)

My best times

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Mona said...

Hola! Just wanted you to know that there are more people like you out there. I'm so a minesweeper geek too... Believe it or not, my personal record is around 75s on expert. - but got to say thats long time ago now.... Now my mouse/clicker so bad that i rarely play anymore...

Thats all. Take care