Monday, March 05, 2007

My weekend

I have to say that every one the last weekends I had have been wonderful! This weekend started on Friday, after class, with a soccer game. It was the FIRST time in 5 years I was going to class on my sweatpants, and it happened to be the day I didn't know we were playing soccer hahaha. After Software Engineering class we all went to the 5-on-5 soccer field, and played for almost 1 hour and a half. I was the goalie for most of the time (I am still going to rehab for my foot), and even though the other team was better than mine, we only lost by 2 goals (18-16). We had lots of fun. After that I came back home, took a 1-hour nap, and after dinner I went out. First we went to Si Señor for some drinks, continued our adventure to Habana 13, and ended up in Campus, in Ciudad Universitaria. At 5am it was time togo to bed.

On Saturday morning I slept until lunch time, and after lunch we went to El Retiro, and to Círculo de Bellas Artes, to have a drink in the wonderful cafeteria, and check out the exhibitions. We saw 3 different artists. The first one was a really good one by Jaume Plensa, called Sinónimos, where he put together photography, calligraphy and painting. Then we moved to another one by two crazy greeks geeks (Filippos Tsitsopoulos and Jannis Markopoulos) called Gominolas y Azucar II. The third one we saw, El Campo de Batalla, was an interesting compilation of artworks by Bonifacio, a member of El Paso movement, and one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century in Spain. The last exhibition was a room with photographs by an African female artist, Angèle Etoundi Essamba, which is taking part in the Women's Week that is held this week in many museum.

For dinner I met my parents at El Foque. This is a restaurant next to the National Auditorium where they cook some of the best cod in Madrid. It was also the week when they had a kind of cod that hasn't been salted and desalted, so I ordered a tasting dish with 3 different versions of that cod: one with salmon roe, another one with mushrooms and one last one with a sweet sauce. As an appetizer we had a great prawn omelet and as a first dish I had a duck and mango salad. Really good dinner

(Valoración media: 7/10)

Yesterday was another great day. I did lots of things, and after waking up early I went to Arturo Gonzalez's apartment. He is a well known Spanish journalist who is friends of Guille's mom. He didn't know how to install his Microsoft instant messenger, and he called me to help him. I met him at his wonderful apartment in Barbara de Brangaza street (the same one where Mariela lived) and for an hour of work I got a great wage :P. After lunch I met Guille for a coffee in the park, and when I thought the weekend was over, Pacheco called me to see if I wanted to go to the Real Madrid game with him. Hell yeah! It wasn't a great game, Madrid tied against Getafe, but we had fun. Is someone jelous about my weekend? :P

Me jumping in the park after having coffee

Van Nistelrooy gets ready to throw the penalty kick

Almost in!

Yeah, 1-1!

Xevi and the Bernabeu Stadium

We had them pretty close on the Fondo Sur

Becks... sorry for the blurry pictures

The stadium

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