Friday, June 30, 2006

Muchas fotos!

Beautiful building in Berlin with sunset

Miguel, 2 beers and kebab in the stomach. what else can you ask for?

Me and St George (Patron Saint of Catalunya) killing the dragon

Miguel and the "grulla" position

Me and the eagle position hahaha

Modern building in Postdam Square

Do students work harder in beautiful universities like this one?

Museum Island

Miguel "desfasing" in the Fan Zone

La Puerta de Brandenburgo

Cathedral in East Berlin


Another view of the sunset

Take a look at the bunny: Dura Mas, Mucho Mas (Spanish bunny in Berlin)

Holocaust Memorial

Walking between the tombs

The landscape of the Memorial

Spanish Embassy

Xavier Miro Bruix in Hebrew

Check Point Charlie

Xevi and the Wall

Some modern sculpture

Beautiful park

Xevi and Lisa at the hostel

The Memorial in the Jewish Museum

Taking a break

Do you know about the free bikes in Berlin? It made me feel 12 again

Miguel and the Victory

... no comment ...

Taking bottles to recycle. you get money for it!

Postdam Palace. Gorgeous

The two spaniards in the gardens

Plenty of nice spots in Postdam

Looking for a house? i think this can fit your standards haha. It doesnt have Metro, but Mike can always buy a bike :P

Postdam village, where all the Ukraine football fans were

Celebrating the British victory in Berlin... jumping to the nasty river

Me and a giant soccer boot

Somebody said Polish trains are modern? Take a look at the coal haha

This is a poor DiCaprio in Titanic... Xevi in Polish Train hahaha

1 kilo (2 pounds) of precooked and cold pasta for Miguel and I in the train to Gdansk

Whats wrong him that guy!? haha

Getting to the station at 7 in the morning, after being in a train all night, not being able to find the hostel, which was suposed to be right by the station... I want to die!

Amazing surprise was Gdansk

Miguel and this famous astronomer

Gdansk is one of place in the world with more churches!

The structure of all the buildings in Poland is made of bricks

House with a mill


Memorial to the deaths in WWII (not sure)

The same not sure sculpture

Gdansk vs. Xevi

We found a Telepi in Gdansk! we couldnt skip the opportunity to have something to eat there

Enjoying a Telepizza beer :D

The millennium Cross from down the hill

Huge cross facing the Baltic Sea

Downtown Gdansk

Very nice street

Famous Middle Ages port

Medieval Arch

Medieval Skyline

Last picture in Gdansk

Warsaw was completely destroy during WWII. But the effort of the Polish People was stronger than that, and they rebuilt the Old Town

Xevi cleaning in the hostel!

Old tall building

Big square

First impression of Cracow: a big square with a market

Plenty of streets to walk

Xevi in the market square

The river at the sunset

A house close to the castle

La sombra de Miguel y Xevi es alargada


One of the corners of this castle

The dragon, the symbol of Cracow

The castle

Dont you love sunsets?


Where is the sunset? hahaha