Thursday, March 29, 2007

Midterms at Autónoma

Today I had two of my midterms: the first one for the Client/Server Architecture class and the other one for the Software Engineering class. The first one was easy compared to other exams, and we had two questions. The first one was a theory question, and we had to describe what's a Web Service (defined by the W3C), the advantages and drawbacks of using it, and the technology and languages used to make it work. The second question, which was a practical case, was about a non-secure system, and how to create a module that makes it secure. I was able to answer all the questions, and I am expecting a good grade.

On the other hand, the Software Engineering exam was awful. We all were expecting an exercise about Structure Diagrams, and in stead of that, we got lots of baselines, design requirements, and configuration controls... It was pretty hard...

Well, I will tell you more about the grades when I get them!

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