Monday, March 12, 2007

This weekend

This weekend was pretty busy around here. My sister Núria came for the weekend all the way from Dubai, in the UAE. She told us all the story of this month and a week she's being there. Lots of LOLs and some wonderful pastry she brought. But she wasn't the only one in town. Laura came from Valladolid for the weekend, and Lauren came from Barcelona with her group of Americans.

We had parties on Friday and Saturday, and went out both days. On Friday we had some nice drinks in Habana 13 before moving to El Bar de Moe, a very chic club near 69 Pétalos (old Cadillac, in calle Alberto Alcocer). On Saturday, after the game, we went to Huertas, from there to Joy Eslava, and ended up in Torre Europa.

On Saturday, before going out, we watched the Barça against Real Madrid game at Fernando's. It was an interesting game, with 3 goals for each team, with Van Nistelrooy scoring 2 goals and Messi 3 for Barça, including one in the last minute and after Barça had been playing for 45 minutes with just 10 players.

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