Wednesday, June 18, 2008

José Andrés On Top Chef

Last night I watched the 11th episode of the 4th season of Top Chef. And guess what? José Andrés, the Spanish chef, host of a TV show for the Spanish Public TV and owner of 5 restaurants in Washington DC, was there! It was a great surprise seeing him on Bravo TV as the guess judge for that round. The contestants had to battle in the famous Restaurant Wars, were two teams have to open a restaurant in 8 hours. In one team we had Antonia, Richard & Stephanie who decided to open a Gastro Pub called Warehouse Kitchen. From the beginning we could see that they were the strong team, great team-players, no old quarrels and my favorite cook in the team (Richard). On the other team, the remaining cooks: Dale, Lisa & Spike; who went for an Asian restaurant (Dale, Asian... I think I've heard that before).

As you can imagine, the results were completely different. While all the dishes from the Warehouse Kitchen had a consistent quality and seemed flavorful, the Asian team lacked team-work and execution... I am happy that José Andrés didn't pick too much on the contestants, but I am sure that he can do better with his Spanish accent than that!


Lauren said...

I love this man! I ate at Oyemel (one of his restaurants in DC) and I must say the food was superb!

Jordi said...

A cocinar con José Andrés!!!