Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I got my Puchi Puchi

English Xevi is back. And I have great news for everybody: I bought a Puchi Puchi. Don't tell me you don't know what a Puchi Puchi is! Puchi Puchi is the latest craze from those bubbletastic Japanese – an electronic bubble packaging popping simulator! They sold 1 million pieces within 2 months of going on sale, and people love them. The manufacturer, Bandai, says that they are out of stock, but thanks to we were able to get 2 units (one for me and another one for my friend Catu). I can't wait to have it with me!


Anonymous said...

Et veig fatal, puchi, puchi.

Fantômas said...

Buen blog che! Te invito a darte una vuelta por el mío, creo que te puede llegar a interesar por las cosas que veo que posteás.

Un abrazo.

Jordi said...

estas fatal!!!

kay_fab said...

i found this while going through the trastero the other day, haha. your puchi puchi is now sitting in the bookcase of our soon-to-be apartment :).