Monday, April 16, 2007

Un buen fin de semana

Today I won't write long, because I have spent the whole day in the labs of UAM working on my projects, and the last thing I can think about when i get home is getting on my computer again. This weekend we had lots of fun. On Friday me and my friends (Guille, Fer, Esther, Alán, Tola, Andrés and Irene) went for a while to Habana 13, and after that we went to Mama no lo sabe. It was so crowded in Mama, but we still had fun. After that, even though it was late (we left when they closed the bar, around 3:30am) we went to Lolita's, a bar where my brother would spent his noches madrileñas. It was a little boring, the music was like listening to Kiss FM (a Spanish mushy radio station), and we where pretty tired.

On Saturday I spent the day it home, watching a movie (Fight Club), and at night we went out. It was a very disappointing day, and so it was the places we went to. I was thinking about joining the GWU kids at Kapital, but we ended going to Alonso for a while, and after that to Lolita's, again. Sometimes I feel like people don't listen to me when I tell them about places to go out... We can forget this night.

Yesterday it was a lovely day out. It was so good that after lunch I went down to the park, and had a mint-tea infusion, enjoying the sun. I worked on my projects during the afternoon, and at night I went with all my friends to the movies, to see Perfect Stranger. Then I had a kebab and went to bed.

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