Monday, April 02, 2007

Last weekend's sport review

It has been a great weekend in sports. We started last week with Michael Phelps showing that he is one of the greatest swimmers ever. He won 7 gold medals in the Swimming World Championships in Melbourne (what a pitty that the US team was disqualified from the Medley Relay when Crocker jumped a hundred of a second before he was allowed to, cause they would have won that gold medal too!). The Spanish team has confirmed what has been obvious for the last years: Spain's poor performance in the pools. Only the Synchronized Swimming team was able to show some skills, as well as the water polo team. In the Synchronized Swimming Gemma Mengual was as good as she always is. She took part in all 6 medals won by the national team, and she is an example of hard work and effort. What a shame that the Russians are so good, cause we won 4 silver medals in 4 routines won by the Russians. In the water polo championship Spain couldn't make it to the final after loosing against Hungary in a great game, but they were able to beat the Serbians for the bronze medal.

In Flanders Oscar Freire won the Fleche Brabançonne for the third consecutive year. This Spanish rider is the best since Miguel Indurain won the Tour de France for 5 consecutive years, and made Spanish people forget siesta on summer afternoon in order to watch the cyclist races. Freire, along with team-mate Michael Boogerd, Kirchen, Nuyens, Enrico Gasparotto, Karsten Kroon and Björn Leukemans, were the seven who made the decisive break and after a failed attack by the latter it was a straight sprint which fell perfectly into the hands of the triple world champion.

In Portugal, Pablo Martín-Benavides has became the first amateur golfer to win a professional golf tournament in Europe. This 20-year-old golfer from Malaga won in Quinta da Marinha, 2 strokes ahead of french golfer Jacquelin. They say he is supposed to be the new Sergio Garcia, and I am sure we will talk about him again.

Not much more to say. Real Madrid won and the two Spanish teams in the European Handball Cup semifinals lost their games, so we won't have any Spanish teams in the final... Oh, I almost forgot about it, two great Spanish fencers, Álvaro Echevarría and Julián Montero (oh, btw, they are also my friends :P) won the nationals in Spain and they will be fencing for the world cup in Turkey next month!

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