Friday, April 13, 2007

UEFA Cup Semifinals

As I already said when Sevilla won the UEFA Cup last year, this is a competition to measure the strength of the mid-table teams of any league. On the other side, UEFA Champions League measure the strength of top teams of any league (we won't talk about that one, because the English team did too well, and Spanish too bad haha). So today we had the 4 games of the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup, with 3 Spanish teams playing. Me and my dad watched the end of them, and they all won.

Sevilla, the defending champion and 2006 Best Football Team, tied their game against Tottenham and that was enough to go to the semifinals after winning in Sevilla by 2-1. Espanyol had a difficult game in Lisbon against Benfica. No team was able to score, and Espanyol took advantage of the score of the game played in Barcelona (3-2). And last but not least, Osasuna is the other Spanish team in semifinals. It was the easier game because they won the first game in Leverkusen by 0-3, but they didn't have enough with that, and they won tonight by 1-0 with a goal by Juanlu. The semis will be Sevilla-Osasuna and Espanyol-Bremen, so at least a Spanish team will play the final in Glasgow. But what about 2 of them?

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