Friday, October 20, 2006

Real Estate in Spain


today i got an email from Brendan. It is nice seeing that he started his own blog. he is such a business man now. he was talking about housing payments. So i decided to give you a small hint of real estate prices in Spain. As El País, the most read newspaper in Spain said today:

>>La escalada inmobiliaria remite, y por primera vez en cinco años los precios crecen por debajo del 10%. <<
Translation: The raise on real estate slows down, and for the first time in 5 years the increment in the cost of housing is lower than 10%.

>>Desde 1998, inicio del boom, los precios han tenido un alza acumulada del 150%, a pesar de que se han construido más viviendas que nunca (entre 500.000 y 800.000 anuales) <<
Since 1998, when the "boom" began, the prices had an increment of 150% in total, even though more houses than ever have been constructed (between 500.000 and 800.000 every year)

Last, but not least, as El Mundo said:
>>la financiación de la compra absorberá una media del 47,5% del salario familiar en 2005 en el caso de que el crédito hipotecario se contrate por 20 años<<
47.5 % of family income will be used in 2005 to pay housing loans.

This is hell!!!

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digerati said...

CNN Money says you a house should cost only 2.5 times your annual income, and you should spend only 28% of your income annually on housing. I have yet to see a major city where anyone can come close to this. In DC you spend more than 28% renting!

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