Monday, January 28, 2008

Nice weekend in Madrid

This last weekend had a little of everything. We did lots of things: cooking, eating, going out... On Friday afternoon I went to Luis' apartment, and we unsuccesfully installed Ubuntu server on one of his computers. We were almost done, when we saw that the last package with the GUI was failing... That wasn't enough to stop us, so Fer, Alan and I decided to have dinner together at my parents'. We had a wonderful dinner: we cooked potatoes, some migas, cheese, pork sausage, fried eggs, salmorejo... I have to say that it was a good dinner. After this, we went to Alan's, and chilled out for a while. Luis joined us, as well as both Esthers. We had some drinks, enjoyed being together, and late at night we went back to bed.

On Saturday I thought that my sister and Miguel Angel were going to come to my apartment to help me with the hanging of a mirror and a picture. But they had other things to do, so I decided to go to Alcorcon to get my late Xmas present from everis. I already knew what the present was, but it was still exciting. It is a green bike, with the logo and everis all around the bike haha. I went back home, had something to eat, and went out for a bike tour. I didnt remember it, but biking is tiring! I think I didn't last longer than 45 minutes, but to me it seemed like going up the Tourmalet!

I had a quick shower, and went back to my parents' apartment. They were out for the weekend, so I decided that even if it would be the same being alone at my apartment or at my parents', my parents' is bigger and has a better TV! In the afternoon Guille gave me a call, and told me that all the people he was with at the library studying for their finals decided to take a break and go out for beers. We all met at El Capitan, a bar in Duque de Pastrana square, which looks little a small and dark bar, but with lots of success between the cool rich young people.

After the beers, Alan and I went back to his place, and after calling Fer, we had dinner again the three of us. That night the cook was Alan, and he didn't disappoint us. He cooked some beef, some pork loin, cheese, king prawns, eggplants and I did the salad. Again, and amazing dinner. I have to say that we are becoming amazing cooks! We had some drinks after dinner with the Esthers, and Alan, Esther, Esther and I went out without Fer (I was feeling tired) and Luis (who never made it to Alan's). We went to Mama no lo sabe (it was OK, but TOO CROWDED), to Vanitas (we didn't make it in), to Amor Brujo (closed) and to Black Star (which was playing 30-year-old music).

And yesterday I didnt do much. Stayed at home, watch a movie, went out for a walk... Tipical Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Xevi, m'en alegro que tinguis la bici i hagis fet el Tourmalet.

LuLu said...

tour de france watch out here comes xavi! haha how is it that you eat so well and i live off of frozen dinners from CVS? no fair!
miss ya!