Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Woderful Saturday

Last Saturday we had a wonderful day. We didn't wake up very late, cause the day before Guille was so kind of taking us home after trying to go to . I went to the grocery store with Nicolette and Sonia to buy their vegan stuff. We had a brunch, and we headed to downtown. We got off the metro at Lavapies, and we started walking, we went to Tirso de Molina, and from there to La Plaza Mayor. It was full of people because of the "tenderetes" where they sell Xmas decorations. We continued our sightseeing to the Cathedral of La Almudena, and from there we crossed the Patio de Armas and got in the Royal Palace (aka Palacio de Oriente). I left them there, and went to Plaza de Castilla to meet my parents.

We all went to my sister's new apartment in San Sebastián, a suburb in the north of Madrid. They just got the keys of their new apartment, which is a REAL apartment haha. It has a huge living room, three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, a big kitchen... Then we went upstairs to see the storage rooms (?) and the solar system instalation they will use to heat the water. We also went downstairs to see the 2 garage parking areas they have. It was great news for all of us.

We left San Sebastián and my parents told me that they were thinking about going to an art exhibition. A couple of minutes before that Miguel called me asking me if I wanted to go to the soccer match between Real Madrid and Racing, so we planned our afternoon in order to be able to do all that. We saw 2 exhibitions near Puerta del Sol. The first one, in the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando (), was about the Spanish portrait from 1900 to 1933. I shouldnt say this but this was my first time to the Academy, so it was a good first contact. The exhibition has many diferent styles, from cubism to futurism and expressionism. I liked it, but I dont know if I will have any time to recommend it to anyone since it finishes today... After that we walked to the BBVA foundation in Paseo de Recoletos. Yeah, the same place where we have had some meetings with the bank people. They have an exhibition about all the art deposits they have in their Latinamerican banks. It is a pretty heterogeneous exhibition, with a mixture of Inca ceramics and modern Mexican paintings and some cinectic artworks... A great exhibition, in a wonderful building, and all these for free.

After the 2 exhibitions my parents drove my to Plaza de Cataluña, and from there I walked to Santiago Bernabeu. I met Miguel there, and we went into the stadium. Before meeting him I bought some chips and sunflower seeds. Real Madrid was the Liga leader before the game, and they needed a victory in order to mantain the leadership. The game started with an early goal by Raul (aka "el que nunca hace nada"), and it was followed by another goal of Sneijder. That was the end of the first half for Real Madrid, and they just started to relax. After the half time, Real Madrid forced a fault next to Racing's penalty area, and Raul kicked it and scored. It had been 7 years since he last scored one of these shots. Two goals for the capitan of Real Madrid. Then Racing started playing again, enough to score a goal in a really bad defended situation by Real Madrid, and that was the end of the game. Thank you Martinez Diaz family for the invitation to the game.

Well, after the game I went back home, met with Nicolette and Sonia again, and we waited for my friends to come. Alan and Fer arrived first, and then both Esthers with Guille. Do you know "Le jeu de cochons"? It is a game where you score points throwing 2 small pigs, like if you were playing dice. So we started playing this game, and almost spent the whole night. After that, the inhabitant of Provisional del Hierro was pretty tired, so I let my friends to go out without me.


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