Monday, November 05, 2007

Birthday weekend

This last weekend was my birthday. And we did lots of fun things! Everything started on Wednesday, when my friends came to my apartment to have some drinks before going out to a club called Capone. It was me, Alan, Fer and Latin. We had a good time together, and we got some a little later than expected. The following day, thursday 1st, is a bank holiday in Spain, All Saints' Day, so we didnt have to go to work. But the day before the people from Telefonica (Spanish largest telephone operator) called me to tell me that the were installing my phone line the following day, so I had to wake up early in order to get everything fixed.

After the Telefonica guy was gone, my parents and my sister came to my apartment. They took my out for lunch, and we went to a wonderful place near my apartment, which is called Taberna Legazpi, in Paseo del Molino. It is a magnificent place! We had diferent tapas: croquetas, cecina and "little broad beans with ham and asparagus". And the main curse was diced ox steak sauté with garlic and pepper and vegetables. Really really good.

I didnt do anything else exciting until the following day at night, when we went to La Moraleja for Javier's bithday. He was throwing a party in his garden, and it was f*** cold. I still dont understand why we did it in the outside. They said that it was because of the noise, but it could have been less loud inside than the huge noise we were doing outside. I think that I didnt connect with many of the people there and given that it was so cold I didnt feel like working out the relationships hahaha.

And finally we get to Saturday. In the morning I went to El Matadero de Madrid to see it. This is the Old public Slaughterhouse of Madrid, and they are restoring it for cultural purposes. It is great seeing such iniciatives. There are exhibitions, open spaces for outside shows, a theatre, computer rooms, an artists' hostel and many more. When I was there my sister called me to tell me that they were comig home and that they were bringing me things from IKEA. That was my first birthday present! After getting the present and having lunch, my sister, Miguel Angel and I went to my parents' and I spend the afternoon there. My mom cooked a wonderful dinner for all of us (plus a couple of friends of my parents) with mushroom soup, meatballs with fried potatos, 4 diferents chesses (roquefort, reblochon, truffled brie and san simon da costa) and a big cake! After dinner I met my friends at Avenida de Brasil, and we celebrated my birhtday with Fer's sister, Serena, whose birthday was on November 2nd.

Yesterday was my real brithday. I got lots of calls from diferent continents (yes, I am that important hahaha), and did many things. I went to El Matadero again, went to IKEA, went to the movies, and got back home to get some rest for today. Esther, Fer, Alan, Guille and I went to see a Spanish film called El Orfanato, starting Belen Rueda. Lots of people had told me that it was a great movie, but I have to say that I didnt like it. It is too scary for me, and I spend more than half the film closing my eyes and my ears... After the movie, and thanks to my friends, I got a ride home, and went to bed to recover for this important week that we are starting.

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