Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes s02e01

The second season of Heroes just started! I am so excited about it. Last night I tried to watch it through the website of NBC, after they had announced that it would be available the day after its broadcasting on their website, but I couldn't do so. I just got an error message saying that the action I was trying to do was illegal outside the US. So I had to find an alternative way, and I thought of They have everything you need. It is some kind of youtube like website, but with divX quality videos.

After watching the episode I am a little disapointed by the way this second season started. We have some new heroes: a brother and sister from south america whose powers (is the sister the only one with powers in that family? what about her mom?) are to (kill people??). And then the new friend of Claire "no-longer-Bennet" Butler is a flying man, like Claire's biological father Nathan Petrelli. In this first episode they show us the lifes of all our heroes 4 months after the finale of the first season, and it seems like most of them have gone back to anonymity. Suresh is bak in India, the Bennet family moved to California, Hiro is in the 17th century in Japan, and the rest of them are in New York.

Long life to Heroes

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