Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer plans

Exams are over!! I am free again haha. I had my last final on Monday, and I am ready to do lots of things before I start to work on the 2nd of July. Yesterday I thought it was a good day to walk around the parts of Madrid I like the most: Paseo de la Castellana, Salamanca neighbourhood, Retiro and Sol. There is a set of photographic exhibitions around Madrid called PhotoEspaña 07, and the have different locations in Madrid with photo shows. I went to some of them (well, going to all the 67 exhibitions is pretty difficult haha). I saw the exhibition with pictures of Sebastião Salgado at Fundación BBVA in Nuevos Ministerios, an exhibition about Italian Neorrealism in Centro Cultural de la Villa in Colón Square, and the last one about Mexican Lucha Libre in Casa de America. It was great walking around, from Nuevos Ministerios to Cibeles, and once I was there I remembered that early that morning the Red Cross sent me a text message telling me that they were running out of blood in the hospitals, so I stopped in the bus they always have in Sol and I donated some blood. I even got a gift for donating blood: a free pass for the musical We Will Rock You.

I have lots of plans for next week. I will go to Manresa to visit my grandparents, from Sunday to Thursday. On Thursday I am taking a plane back to Madrid, and on Friday I am taking an AVE (Spanish high-speed train) with Miguel to Sevilla, where we will spend the weekend. That means that I will be back to Madrid on Sunday, and that will be a week before I start working for Everis... That will be my last weekend without owing my soul to the company store...

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Jordi said...

M'en alegro que tot vaigi be. Preparat!